About the Foundation

Trust, integrity, credibility and mutual respect with all in addition to the diligent work is the criteria of excellence and success since the beginning of Hajj/Mohammed Abdo Dadiah the co-founder of the dadiah General Trading , the Company in March  early 1960s as a wholesaler in the republic of Yemen, despite The difficulty of dealings due to the unstable conditions that the country used to live in that period, but with the help of God and his bounty, he was able to complete his successful business March until culminated in the announcement of the establishment of the Dadiah General Trading Corporation in 1970 and its headquarters in Dhamar city for the importation, sale, marketing and distribution of  Food staff and consumer product.


Since we entered the business market in the past, we have been working professionally and used our potential and effort to achieve valuable targets and goals. At DGT, we believe that there is a great social responsibility that must be taken in mind to achieve the main goals of our organization which are:

*  Leading the business to be one of the best orgnasaton in the region qualitatively and quantitately.

* contribute and cooperate with best supplier and manufacturer glopelly to take the products to its highest level of potential in the market.

* contribute and cooperate with our valuable customer and consumer locally and internationally to take the products to its full potential in the market

* providing a high quality product and services with best available technology and tools with competitive price and unique touch of quality.

Our Mission

“We believe customer and consumer to be allocated in the first place and to be responded to, with highest quality products and services” the desire mission of our entitled work is to engage with our customers and end consumer and evaluate their needs and requirement to provide them the best and highest quality products with continues development of our selective products to meet the innovation and technology changes of the current time and also to meet the continuous demand of the market locally and internationally

“Green and healthy environment” with our highly has intentions of the product life cycle from started to end, we are making sure that the product goes through environmental friendly from early stage of production to recycling, by using the most advanced technology available, and to contribute with highest level of gain to consumer and user with the lowest west rate that could be resulted from.


“quality first”, the orgnasaton has a broad term of strategy to build the quality on the product itself from the early stage with selective of highest raw-materials with competitive price, which of each products and services reflect the clear view image of the orgnasaton, of course which is with direct engagement with our suppliers and manufacturers all around the glop.

“customer and consumer satisfaction”, direct end consumer satisfaction is a primary factor of the orgnasaton vision, where as consumer of our group of products, that repeatedly consume the products will have a full satisfactions and acceptance of all the products factor from all prospective for each individual products and related family of product. also a prospective that loyalty and valuable clients and customer of the orgnasaton from all region has a full satisfactory issue from all prospective” services , quality and both valuable and numerical price ” which met the unspeakable situation of the fluctuating market in timely manner .

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